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physics is fake gravity doesnt exist fuck isaac newton old white ass

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if wrestling is fake, explain this

In general, people are not drawn to perfection in others. People are drawn to shared interests, shared problems, and an individual’s life energy. Humans connect with humans. Hiding one’s humanity and trying to project an image of perfection makes a person vague, slippery, lifeless, and uninteresting. —Robert Glover (via mirroir)

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"I don’t give a shit about being approachable…" - Aubrey Plaza

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Marwan Sahmarani, Dead man in the battle field

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Spongebob - I Don’t Like

this is historically significant

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I am flower child now. Get over it, mom.

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French photographer Jonathan Moyal's breathtaking photos of his travels into the wilderness awaken a strong sense of wanderlust. Moyal has recently embarked on a road trip through Canada—keep up with his journey through Tumblr or Flickr.

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My girlfriend’s rat dog doesn’t let me poop in peace

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nature + one of my favorites from the museum

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And that’s when the family realized that George Sr. wasn’t dead but was fleeing the country that he loved so very much.

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